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Manuka Honey from New Zealand

Who are we?

NZ Ngauranga Ltd (NZNG in short) is an enthusiastic team of Dunedin beekeepers operating beehives in the Dunedin area to bring you a New Zealand classic, non blended with nothing added to it. Just pure Manuka honey. Our bees enjoy favourable micro climates around the region and have access to the city's hinterland. Our honey is sold locally as well as overseas, where a growing number of customers enjoy its unique taste.

NZ Ngauranga Ltd

NZ Ngauranga Ltd

Otago House, Dunedin,

New Zealand


Mobile +33 6 56 89 63 66
Phone +64 3479 2999
Fax +64 3477 7720

Manuka Honey

From the latent potential of the pristine meadow of Dunedin (Otago NZ), bees are turning the pollen of a white delicate flower into one of the most valuable honeys of the world. Your local Manuka honey is made every year by a tacit partnership between incredible bees and thoughtful beekeepers. While Manuka honey features one of the most incredible anti-bacterial activity ever identified, Puri focuses on its fascinating gourmet experience.


In Maori, Puri means “to keep in memory”.

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