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Manuka honey from New Zealand

What is Manuka honey to begin with? Where does it come from? How to use it? If you landed to this page, you must be keen to learn more about this incredible golden mixture. Grab a cuppa, adjust your chair and get comfy! Sweet mysteries are going to be unveiled.

Manuka Honey from Dunedin - Otago - New Zealand

What is Manuka honey?

Manuka honey is a unique product from New Zealand and also from Australia (known by its Australian name: "Jellybush honey"). But what makes it so special? I am glad you asked! First of all, this honey comes from a native tea-tree called the Manuka tree ("Leptospermum scoparium").


White flowers emerge from it during Summer and bees collect their precious pollen. Manuka honey is a delight, thanks to its strong caramelized flavour and a slightly biter after-taste. But that is not all! Some Manuka honey contain high anti-bacterial activities used as a medicine to treat wounds.


More than just gourmet honey, it is a natural mixture healing people. In order to use a graded Manuka honey (UMF+15 / MGO+514 or above) effectively for external uses (wound, cut, spot, bug bite, burn): spread it on a bandage. For internal applications (mouth and throat): simply eat it with a spoon. However, if you simply want to appreciate its outstanding taste, there is no need to look for any high anti-bacterial activity.

Microscopic view of Manuka honey antibacterial activity

How does Manuka honey antibacterial activity work?


When high graded Manuka honey is applied (on a wound for instance), it provides a moist and acidic environment. Moisture helps regenerating skin tissues while the acidic component destroys bacterias, preventing any infection.


On the diagram (left), Manuka honey counters Staphylococcus Aureus  to go inside the circle of inhibition. The radius of the circle is determined by the antibacterial level of your honey.



Manuka honey UMF15+ is equal to a 15mm circle of inhibition and a 15% phenol solution.

Who are we?

We are an enthusiastic team of Dunedin beekeepers operating beehives in the Dunedin area to bring you a New Zealand classic, non blended with nothing added to it. Just pure Manuka honey. Our bees enjoy favourable micro climates around the region and have access to the city's hinterland. Our honey is sold locally as well as overseas, where a growing number of customers enjoy its unique taste.

PURI - Manuka honey

 From the latent potential of the pristine meadow of Dunedin (Otago NZ), bees are turning the pollen of a white delicate flower into one of the most valuable honeys of the world. Your local Manuka honey is made every year by a tacit partnership between incredible bees and thoughtful beekeepers. While Manuka honey features one of the most incredible anti-bacterial activity ever identified, Puri focuses on its fascinating gourmet experience. In Maori, Puri means “to keep in memory”.

Puri Manuka honey 240g jar

What are we looking for?

International partnerships are always welcome. Our company, NZNG, has a sales representative involved in France. Feel free to contact Adrien Besson for further information. We hope you enjoyed this short introduction and we look forward to hearing from you soon. Come by and try our Manuka honey! Samples of 37g are available!


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